Judaism In The Eyes of A College Student

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with an old friend and have a conversation about religion. Normally, this wouldn’t be a topic of conversation for us. However, this time there was a point behind it. I wanted to know what…

Sydney Lambert, 19, is a student at Nazareth College. She is a music education major who is incredibly passionate about music. However, Lambert is passionate about more than just that. Growing up, Lambert was raised Roman Catholic and made to believe that the term “witchcraft” was evil and wrong. Nevertheless…

Rape isn’t easy to talk about. Not for me, not for whomever may be reading this right now, not for anyone. It is considered taboo. For me though, it’s time to talk about it. It is time for me to tell my story.

As a child, I didn’t really have…

Olivia Dye

English Major and Freelance writer

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