Sydney Lambert, 19, is a student at Nazareth College. She is a music education major who is incredibly passionate about music. However, Lambert is passionate about more than just that. Growing up, Lambert was raised Roman Catholic and made to believe that the term “witchcraft” was evil and wrong. Nevertheless, Lambert was incredibly fascinated by television shows depicting witches and magic. Thinking that there was no such thing as “real” witches, young Lambert would soon grow into a blossoming college student, ready to take on the world. However, she would soon come back into her younger self. Before coming to Nazareth, Lambert, “was raised Catholic.” However, even from a young age Lambert loved magic. “I was really into, like, magical T.V. shows,” Lambert says, “…it was just something that I was always like, vibing with.” Now that Lambert is on her own and has more freedom, she has come into her craft and began practicing. She says that witchcraft has changed her life.

Sydney Lambert, 19.

English Major and Freelance writer